Healthcare Market in China

One of the most important trends was to increase awareness and involve patients. The fact that patients now have a better chance of searching for online health information and browsing before they make a decision has given healthcare institutions the opportunity to digitally focus their marketing efforts. As a result, they focus more on creating interactive content, improving search engine optimization and increasing their presence on social networks; it was important in 2017.

Healthcare Market Trends

Health care requires increased sophistication of communication with prospects and customers. Why "You are selling an advanced audience," says Bryan Fiekers, senior director of research services at HIMSS Analytics.

"These are doctors, IT managers, people with advanced training, the marketing message will be different from that of a car manufacturer, for example," said Mr. Fiekers. "There is a trend towards content that is not marketing-based or motivated, for information, understanding, and education - not for advertising."

How can you learn more about your market in order to be able to manufacture these materials, sell them in the right hospital systems and maintain the image of your brand while increasing sales?

China’s Healthcare Reforms

Due to its size and growth potential, the Chinese healthcare market for foreign investors is one of the most attractive in the world. China has surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest health care market in 2013 and continues to evolve with double-digit numbers. Indeed, it is the fastest growing market of all major emerging economies.

The Chinese health care market recently reached 5,670.3 trillion RMB (the US $ 853.7 billion) in 2016, an increase of 12% in local currency compared to 2015. The medical device market has progressed 20.1%, to reach 370 billion to 56 billion) in 2016, while pharmaceuticals and consumer products reached 1,839 billion RMB ($ 277 billion), up 10.4 percent from the previous year.

Nevertheless, the Chinese health care market is still relatively immature. Four hundred and sixty-nine billion ($ 126.1 billion) in 2006, or RMB 4,634.5 billion ($ 697.7 billion) in 2016 - per capita, health expenditure accounts for only about 6% of GDP.


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